Alphaterra Foundation

The alpha terra foundation will be created by several donors, from the private sector and our community, in the service of a cause of general interest and not for profit. Thus, the foundation acts for beneficiaries by providing goods, rights and resources for the realization of our project, that of creating resources and projects for the protection of the environment, offering fair social micro credit, to develop possibilities and techniques and tools for the drinking water needs for people, to help the provision of healthy food to the populations, projects of means of education to the populations, development of communication and wifi tools, to improve the health care of a population, etc The goal is to humanize the world of crypto and blockchain and see that the future of humanity is not on the Moon, but on Earth It’s up to us to work for this, for the good of our children and propose the donation by several donation amounts to the foundation (way of making a donation: 25 $ – 50 $ – 100 $ – 500 $ – 1000 $ – 5000 $